If you are always wondering if your supplement is authentic or not when buying it, you are not alone, we have all been in the same position. We will share information below on how to identify a genuine seller and product so that you always make the right choice


  1. Imported Product must have either an Importer Sticker or Importer details printed in the label
  2. Product should have printed Expiry Date and Batch Number
  3. Tax Paid Retail Invoice should be provided by the seller
  4. Seller should be certified by the Brand or it’s official Importer
  5. Find the TrimLife QR Code, It must be intact.

Search The Sticker

Make sure the sticker is present on the purchased product and is in the defined intact state. Without any damages.

Scan The Code

Open your preferred QR Code Scanner, on your mobile device, and scan the code present on the purchased product.

View the Link

The QR code must redirect you to the official TrimLife Store Website (www.trimlifestore.com) .

your product verified

Thank you verifying your product 100% genuine 

Authentication Of Supplements By TrimLife Store