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Low Fat Vs Low Carb: Which Is The Better Way Of Weight Loss?

Low Fat Vs Low Carb

To understand the mechanism of fat loss, it is important to understand the method and understand how the body burns fats. An important function of body fat, or adipose tissue is to store energy in the form of triglycerides. Triglyceride is an important molecule that is made up of three fatty acids joint to a molecule of glycerol. Fats store energy in the form of micronutrients that is used up to maintain our blood glucose levels when we are performing a high intensity exercise. Also when we are hungry, a lipase that is hormone sensitive in nature, breaks down triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids. These fatty acids get exported and get transported in the bloodstream. These free fatty acids travel around the body to provide fuel for our cells. Thus, if we burn more fats from our fat cells compared to what we eat, over time we would lose body weight.

Also when we consume a balanced diet with perfect proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and carbs, the mechanism is different. The carbs and protein are directly absorbed in the bloodstream as amino acids and sugars. This causes the body to produce insulin, in perfect amounts to bring blood sugar levels back down to normal. Insulin breaks down carbohydrates for energy and increases storage of glucose and fatty acids that help remove them from blood. If the glycogen stores are full then glucose won’t be able to use up glycogen reserves thus, glucose can be converted to fats in the liver and stored as body fat. In a nutshell, having more carbs would increase the release of insulin and start storing huge amounts of fats in the body.

Human body needs an energy balance, excess of which would lead to weight gain. The calories consumption decreases that leads to a calorie deficit and hence weight loss. A low carb diet helps better as carbs hold onto water weight. Carbs or fats do not affect the body in the same way. Carbs are of different types they effect the body in different ways. Fats and unsaturated fats may damage and block arteries but saturated fats act oppositely on your body.

It is important to make sure to prioritize healthy and sustainable eating habits that direct towards long term healthiness. One shouldn’t fall for ascertaining the good and bad elements of both groups and having a sustainable and healthy lifestyle with balanced diet as the main tool. Regardless of health goals, proteins should be regarded as the foundation nutrient. Trimlife store aims at providing needs of our health-conscious and ethically concerned customers. We offer a superb range of products, that includes purified vitamins, Energy Drinks, Meal Replacements and sports supplements, designed to make your life perfect. Our speciality lies with providing authentic products at affordable prices.

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