Removing the common myths about supplements

The supplement industry is gaining heights with recent needs for it among people. Individuals are lacking in certain vitamins and minerals because of the change in weather conditions and thus there is a crucial need for supplements nowadays. Because of the pursuit of better health and overall well being and amidst the plethora of information that is the World Wide Web now, there are many myths surrounding these supplements usage.

The myths are as follows-

  1. All supplements are safe and can replace balanced diets-

There is a myth that balanced diets can be substituted by supplements which is completely wrong, supplements can complement a balanced diet but cannot replace it. Whole foods encompass the fibres, phytochemicals, and other substances that promote health that medications do cannot.  Supplements should be consumed for creating amends for nutritious shortcomings in a diet, not as the primary form of these nutrients. The word natural given in descriptions is not necessarily always naturally produced, it can contain certain elements that are not natural. It is always best to consult a physician before consuming any medication.

  1. Consuming more supplements is better- it is a myth as there is a limit as to which everything should be consumed. Many essential nutrients, notably vitamins that are soluble in fat (A, D, as well as E, and K), may accumulate up inside the body and become potentially dangerous. Certain supplements could cause adverse consequences and prove detrimental to your health if consumed in excess. Always respect the amount of recommendation given by medical professionals or mentioned on the supplement's box.
  2. All supplements are safe and made with natural products-

Not all vitamin or mineral supplements have been produced identically.  Across companies and their goods, supplement efficacy and overall quality might vary substantially.  When choosing supplements, look for third-party acknowledgments that indicate reputable manufacturers.  Likewise, certain supplements may unfavourably interact with pharmaceuticals or other supplements. Before adopting new supplements onto your usual routine, always consult with professional medical guidance.

Supplements are a value addition to a healthy lifestyle that essentially includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. It is essential to debunk myths and come to a conclusion that having supplements with physician’s advice is beneficial. Regardless of health goals, proteins should be regarded as the foundation nutrient. Trimlife store aims at providing needs of our health-conscious and ethically concerned customers. We offer a superb range of products, that includes purified vitamins, Energy Drinks, Meal Replacements and sports supplements, designed to make your life perfect. Our speciality lies with providing authentic products at affordable prices.


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