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4 ways to gain healthy weight

4 ways to gain healthy weight

Along with many people struggling for weight loss, there are many people who want to gain weight. It is not a strenuous way but a simplified process that involves consumption of decent amount of carbs and eating lots of proteins. An undernourished person is deficient in vitamins and minerals, which are essential for the body and results in weak immune system. An underweight person is likely to be malnourished in the near future and be nutrient deficient which can pose many health risks. Here are some tips to get a normal BMI ranging from 18.5 to 24.9.

  1. Protein and carbohydrate rich diet plan

Protein promotes muscle growth and forms the building blocks of muscles. Eating sufficient protein is required to gain muscle weight instead of only fats. Eggs, meat, lentils, legume, yoghurt, tofu and paneer form proteins and including potatoes can add carbohydrate to the diet. Protein supplements can also be useful if you struggle to get enough protein in your diet in a regular basis.

  1. Weight training

Exercising with barbells and dumbbells will lead to muscle gain and hence help in promotion of healthy weight gain. Lifting heavy weights along with consuming energy rich food on a regular basis with increase in frequency of your meals help in gaining weight.

  1. Sleep quality

Recommended hours of sleep in a day by an individual is 7-8 hours. A 2011 study claims that sleeping less than 6 hours or more than 8 hours can help you gain weight. Although it is a debatable report but it is an ideal time. It is an important tool for attainment of muscle growth.

  1. Having supplements

Consume 3-5 grams of supplements on a daily basis. It is adequate for attaining healthy weight. It may take three to four weeks to maximize muscle stores and it is always better to consult a Naturopathic physician or dietician before starting any supplements for weight gain.

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